Stormwater for the City of Millington

A National Pollutant Discharge Permit requires the City of MIllington to implement a Stormwater Management Program to protect water quality and to satisfy requirements of the federal Clean Water Act. This program implements measures to reduce the discharge of pollutants to area lakes and stream, including engineering methods and management practices.

The program concentrates on six (6) areas that are essential to achieving the programs goals.

Public Education about Stormwater Impacts

Public Participation in Reducing Pollution

Detection and Elimination of Illegal Discharges

Construction Site Runoff Control

Permanent Stormwater Management for New Development and Re-Development

Pollution Prevention for Municipal Operations

This site lists opportunities for stormwater training, education, and outreach. Printable pamphlets are available that provide homeowners with tips and information regarding topics such as proper disposal of potential pollutants including antifreeze, leaves, paint, and pet waste. Citizens can file complaints and report polluters quickly and easily using the downloadable Stormwater Pollution Complaint Form.