Municipal Code: 14-2009. Improper disposal and illicit discharges.

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to improperly dispose or discharge any contaminant into the City of Millington MS4. Contaminants include, but are not limited to the following:

(a) Trash or debris

(b) Construction materials

(c) Petroleum products including but not limited to oil, gasoline, grease, fuel oil, or hydraulic fluids

(d) Antifreeze and other automotive products

(e) Metals in either particulate or dissolved form

(f) Flammable or explosive materials

(g) Radioactive material

(h) Batteries, including but not limited to, lead acid automobile batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, or mercury batteries

(i) Acids, alkalis, or bases

(j) Paints, stains, resins, lacquers, or varnishes

(k) Degreasers and/or solvents

(l) Drain cleaners

(m) Pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers

(o) Steam cleaning wastes

(p) Soaps, detergents, or ammonia

(q) Swimming pool backwash including chlorinated swimming pool discharge

(r) Chlorine, bromine, and other disinfectants

(s) Heated water

(t) Animal waste from commercial animal or feeder lot operations

(u) Any industrial and sanitary wastewater, including leaking sewers or connections

(v) Recreational vehicle waste

(w) Animal carcasses

(x) Food wastes

(y) Medical wastes

(z) Collected lawn clippings, leaves, branches, bark, and other fibrous materials

(aa) Collected silt, sediment, or gravel

(ab) Dyes, except as stated in subsection 2

(ac) Chemicals, not normally found in uncontaminated water

(ad) Any hazardous material or waste, not listed above

(ae) Washing of fresh concrete for cleaning and/or finishing purposes or to expose aggregates

(af) Junk motor vehicles, as defined in subsection 3

(ag) Liquid from solid waste disposal container

Penalties for minor discharges that have no significant adverse impact on safety, health, the welfare of the environment, or the functionality of the city's storm water collection system may be waived at the discretion of the city manager;

Please call 901.873.5740 if you witness an illicit discharge or email Wayne Cole or Jason Dixon

All calls and emails are kept confidential.

Report a Illicit Discharge

Report a Illicit Discharge